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Concrete Detailing

We believe in doing the right job, the first time. It’s not just thinking about precast detailing, but the economies involved in choosing the right products.


This involves selecting erection sequence, bedding arrangement, and designing temporary propping for special circumstances.


Our team has experience working on some of the most complex precast façade systems. Part of our detailing services includes: 


  • Using Tekla for detailing precast panels

  • Precast panel detailing

  • Embedment detailing

  • Bar bending schedule

  • Marking plan

  • Grout, ferrule locations plans

  • Lifting lug locations based on lifting design

  • Quantity take-offs

  • Lightweight concrete panels

  • Coloured concrete panels

  • Textured concrete panels

  • Architectural concrete panels


We offer detailing precast concrete at all levels of development – contracting to project managers, engineers, developers, and builders. 

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